Fatima Fernandez has run a succesful design practice for over 10 years. Prior to that she studied interior design at university and worked with renowned designer Nicholas Haslam at NH Designs. 

Fatima's interiors exude a quiet sophistication. Her designs have a cool restrained style that are effortlessly elegant & chic. 

She believes in the importance of respecting the architecture and how different spaces connect and relate. She reimagines spaces by envisioning the experience of walking through the space - the drama and creation of vistas are as significant as making the spaces comfortable.

Every project is approached individually (regardless of size), yet the design process remains the same. It always starts with the space - the layout, the management and the flow.

It is a design process that develops and evolves - only when she is comfortable with the space (and preminilary stages of the design) will she start introducing textures, colours and finishes. 

She establishes a close working relationship with her clients, believing the design process is a journey for both. Her style language is driven by an interpretation of her clients lifestyle, practical and stylist needs. This creative collaboration enables her to achieve the desires of her clients by guiding them to achieve the individual and unique interiors of their dreams.